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Welcome to Pratapgarh Vedic Gau Gram

Pratapgarh Vedic Gau Gram is an ideal home for the Indigenous (Desi) cows of India. Situated far away from the bustling cities, it is a clam and beautiful paradise for ‘Gau Paalan’.

Situated next to the famous Pratapgarh Farms, founded in 2008 with the objective of preserving and promoting the vast culture and traditions of Haryana. Being the Pioneer of Farm Tourism, over the years Pratapgarh has spearheaded the promotion of Haryanvi culture, while uplifting numerous rural households and creating a benchmark for quality services.

Gau Paalan at Our Gau Gram

At Pratapgarh Vedic Gau Gram, cows are raised and kept with utmost care and passion. Our Gaupals serve cows following the principles and rituals as pronounced in our Vedas, love and compassion for cows is foremost. Cows are never tied, movement around the Vedic Gau Gram is unrestricted and our mornings start with soulful a Havan at the Gaushala.

Our Cows graze at their own free will and enjoy music at their Gaushala, set up against the backdrop of Shri Gopal Ji mandir at the Vedic Gau Gram. Keeping our distance, and escaping into nature we have created our ‘Gau Gram’ in the vast fertile flat lands of Haryana. While the young ones are busy playing around the Gopal Ji Temple, mother cows like to enjoy their calm slumber undisturbed.

Walls at the Gau Gram are painted with ‘shlokas’ from the vedas, inspired by Pratapgarh Farms we aim to preserve traditions, the ancient and vedic way of rearing cows and making ghee.

Panch Sankars at Pratapgarh

‘Desi Ghee’ is prepared in its purest form for you at Pratapgarh Vedic Gau Gram using the ‘Panch Sanskars’ as enshrined in our vedic texts. The age old aroma, texture and medicinal properties of ghee are preserved using the Panch Sanskar Vedic Bilona Method. While undertaking this ancient process it is key that all steps are followed accurately from timing to even the utensils used. Our all woman team have mastered the art of making Bilona Ghee to vedic perfection.

Our Team

Our Operations from Cow Keeping to the Panchsanskars are undertaken by a motivated and compassionate team of women from rural Haryana assisted by Supervisors who are proud ex-servicemen.

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