Purity and Quality: From Our Farm to Your Table

Bilona Made Desi Ghee from Pratapgarh Farms – Delhi NCR’s Beloved Brand for Over 15 Years

Purity and Quality: From Our Farm to Your Table

Bilona Made Desi Ghee from Pratapgarh Farms – Delhi NCR’s Beloved Brand for Over 15 Years

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A2 Cow


Made from milk from cows specially tested for the A2 allele
Lower cholesterol content
For customers who want nothing but the best

Bilona Panch Sanskar

Pratapgarh Pure Ghee is made in 5 steps following the centuries old Vedic process.

Sanskar 1: Boiling

We start with highest quality milk. This milk is boiled on low heat, ensuring it retains all its natural goodness.

Sanskar 2: Curdling

After boiling, the milk is carefully cooled, and a dollop of curd is added to initiate the curdling process. This step is allowed to progress naturally over several hours, transforming the milk into rich, creamy curd.

Sanskar 3: Churning

The curd is churned using a wooden churner known as a "Bilona." This technique effectively separates the butter (makhan/loni) from the buttermilk, preserving the essential nutrients and flavors.

Sanskar 4: Separating

The next step involves the careful separation of butter from the buttermilk.

Sanskar 5: Heating

Finally, the butter is gently heated on a medium-low flame. As it simmers, the ghee clarifies. The result is a golden, aromatic ghee with a nutty flavor.

Made in Small Batches

Enhanced Quality Control

We ensure that every step of the process is carefully monitored and controlled. This meticulous attention to detail allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Freshness Guaranteed

Small batch production means that our Bilona Ghee is made frequently and in limited quantities, ensuring that it reaches you at its freshest.

Personalized Attention

With small batch production, each jar of ghee receives a level of personalized attention that mass production simply cannot match


Small batch production is also more sustainable. It allows us to use resources more efficiently and reduce waste, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Pride of Haryana

Made At Pratapgarh farms

For the past 15 years, Pratapgarh Farms has been a beacon of Indian agricultural heritage, earning multiple prestigious awards from both central and state governments. Spread over 25 acres, our farm is dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich culture of rural India. We have had the honor of showcasing this cultural heritage to G20 delegates. Discover the essence of rural India with Pratapgarh Farms, where tradition meets excellence.

Gopal Ji temple at Pratapgarh Vedic Gaugram
Honorable CM Manohar Lal Khattar's Visit
G20 Delegates' visit

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